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Georgette Heyer
New York Times Bestselling Author

Triumphantly good… Heyer is unbeatable.

Sunday Telegraph

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Georgette Heyer’s historical novels and Regency romances have charmed and delighted millions of readers for decades. But Miss Heyer remained a very private woman. Her identity was a mystery to most of her fans during her lifetime and she refused all requests for interviews or comments. “I am to be found in my work,” Miss Heyer wrote when asked to divulge details of her childhood or personal life.

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Presenting a Brand New Look for Miss Heyer's
Regency Romances!

We have been Georgette Heyer’s US publisher since 2007, when we discovered that her books were entirely out of print here. Over a few years, we brought out beautiful trade paper editions of every single title—including the histories and mysteries.

But our work isn’t done.

Georgette Heyer is a treasure and we want to introduce her to a new generation of readers. To that end, beginning this summer we’re releasing new editions of the romances with fresh, new covers, designed to grow a new readership. We want the covers to convey how devotees usually describe her—the words “sparkling” and “iridescent” come up a lot. What we’re doing is somewhat terrifying, though – we know that people will have strong opinions about the new cover direction (and we know you will not be afraid to tell us about it). But this speaks to one of the reasons that we want to build the broadest possible audience for Georgette Heyer. She touches readers in such a way that they are extremely protective over how covers depict her stories. It’s rare to find an author with that much impact.

We want you to know we worked on this new cover direction for a very long time, had a few moments of panic and questioned everything.

We are ready to show you the first cover, The Grand Sophy, which will be releasing in August in a new mass market format.

We’re excited about the possibilities, and we hope you are too. Look forward to hearing from you.


“[Georgette Heyer is] an outstanding storyteller.”

—The Times Literary Supplement

 “Wonderful characters, elegant, witty writing, perfect period detail, and rapturously romantic. Georgette Heyer achieves what the rest of us only aspire to.”
—Katie Fforde

"{Georgette Heyer is] my favourite historical novelist--stylish, romantic, sharp, and witty. Her sense of period is superb, her heroines are enterprising, and her heroes dashing. I owe her many happy hours."
—Margaret Drabble

“Georgette Heyer has no equal when it comes to that wonderful brand of Regency fun and laughter. Her research is so true to that age I feel as though I am riding in Hyde Park with the characters, or on the battlefield at Waterloo, Regency Buck lead me to read An Infamous Army and many of her other wonderful books.”

“[Georgette Heyer is] a writer of great wit and style… I’ve read her books to ragged shreds.”

—Kate Fenton, Daily Telegraph 

“Georgette Heyer is a popular author with many historical novels and mysteries to her credit. All of her recent books have been set in the Regency Period in England, an era in which Miss Heyer feels comfortable and at home. Her novels are minutely detailed and reveal thorough and painstaking research, but how she is able to come up with a fresh plot and story-line in each novel is amazing.”
—Elizabeth O’Rourke, Best Sellers

“Miss Heyer has the ability to transport the reader back to the early 19th Century and actually sense the elegant mode of living during that time. Her novels abound with great houses staffed by servants and lackeys, with a society moving about by season from city to the country, to Bath or Brighton, to the races. The houses sparkle with the gentry of their guests. There is continuous dining and visiting. There are balls. There are beautiful and modish clothes and décor.”
—Elizabeth O’Rourke, Best Sellers

“It is obvious in reading this novel that Georgette Heyer, who has previously published over 30 of the historical romances, is indeed a mistress of her craft.”

—Genevieve M. Casey, Best Sellers

“Miss Heyer can spin a romance out of ordinary circumstances, detailed items of daily occurrences. It is all fascinating because it is made to seem ordinary, yet it is far away from society, prices, customs, every detail of life as we here and now in America know it.”
—Sr. M. Marguerite, Best Sellers

“The reason that Georgette Heyer’s novels sell so superlatively well is not simply their elegant escapism, but the fact that they always touch upon a very human situation.”
—Barbara Bannon, Publishers Weekly

“Miss Heyer is a most versatile writer whose works come under three very distinct headings. She is the author, first, of excellent detective stories which are justly popular for their amusing sketches of character; secondly, of seriously conceived historical novels; and third, of cheerful romances against a period setting, which make no pretensions towards “importance” in any way.”
—The Times Literary Supplement

“Miss Heyer’s regency romances are delightful; like sherbet on a hot day, they melt on contact with the mind and leave a refreshing aftertaste.”

—Leonore Fleischer, Publishers Weekly

“Miss Heyer is adept at giving full-bodied reality to such a story. Casual readers who know her only in another role and who remember her only by such detective tales as They Found Him Dead will be prepared for the ease with which she develops her narrative, but they will be amazed at the learning which she displays so dexterously and so generously.”
—Charles David Abbott

“Miss Heyer’s creative power has ample scope. Her people are fully rounded; completely alive. She has caught to perfection the trick of involving you in her plot, and the knowledge that it is a true plot only adds to your entanglement.”
—Jane Spence Southron



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