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Agile Publishing Model.

Futurist David Houle

Welcome to the future!  The future of humanity and the future of publishing.

I am very excited about my new book Entering the Shift Age and the new model of publishing Sourcebooks has created, the Agile Publishing Model (APM). The APM is an innovative platform that allows authors to make their content available faster and in a more flexible format. For example, to suit your needs and interests as readers, Sourcebooks offers a variety of ways to purchase the content of Entering the Shift Age, either in individual parts (“mini eBooks”) or as a whole. (Check out “How to Purchase: The Agile Way”.) You can learn more about the APM by watching the video below.

This is part of the future of publishing. Now let’s turn toward our own future, the future of humanity.

We now live in the Shift Age, a time of transformation that will be regarded by future historians as one of the most significant periods in human history. The Shift Age is one of those inflection points or times when much of humanity will change how we live, how we think, how we interact with each other and what we do.


Download Entering the Shift AgeClick here to download the complete .pdf of Part Four of Entering the Shift Age.


The Global Stage of Human Evolution

The global stage of human evolution is now beginning in the Shift Age. We have moved from family to tribe, village to city, city state to nation state, and our only remaining boundary for now is planetary. Of course all of these human groupings will continue to exist, but they are no longer the only categories that define us and, more importantly, they no longer separate us. We are all, at varying speeds, becoming global citizens.

The Flow to Global is the force at play here. This force started with the beginning of the global economy at the end of the Cold War. In the last 20 years this global economy has fully taken root and completely recast economics in a worldwide orientation. In Part Two, it was pointed out that economics is usually the first driver of human endeavor and that culture and politics follow closely behind. This means that as of 2012 the word “globalization” is no longer only an economic term, it is the term that describes what will happen to culture and politics and almost all aspects of human society for the next 20 years.

This global stage of human evolution is a big concept and one that may not be readily seen by the vast majority of humans alive today. It is very hard to be a baby boomer American who grew up in a city where you still live and think of yourself as a global citizen. You are emotionally connected to your family, your neighborhood, your city or suburb and perhaps the sports teams and cultural institutions in your area. You may leave this primary geographical and cultural orientation to do some international travel. Perhaps you work for a company that is a multi-national or work in a field that has a lot of international customers or partners. This means that you are aware of the global economy but might be too placed based to see it other than a changed economic landscape.


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