Together We Cannot Fail

ISBN: 9781402217166

By: Terry Golway

Published: 10/31/2009

Together We Cannot Fail offers a new view of Roosevelt's transformation of an insular America into the world's most revered and feared superpower.

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"While listening to the audio, readers will be struck by Roosevelt's immense oratory skills. In his famous 'fireside chats,' the president adopted a down-to-earth, fatherly tone, but when the occasion demanded it, he could thunderously deliver such lines as, 'this generation of Americans has a rendezvous with destiny.' A fine contextualization of Roosevelt's life and times."
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An uncommon portrait of Roosevelt's presidency, in words, photographs, and his own voice

This vivid portrait shows a nation at its best and at its worst, through the lens of a president's words during the first presidency truly impacted by the media age. An FDR biography unlike any other, Together We Cannot Fail offers a new view of Roosevelt's transformation of an insular America into the world's most revered and feared superpower. An exclusive accompanying CD integrates with the biography to reveal in his own words how he led the nation through the Great Depression and World War II to its "rendezvous with destiny."

Historian Terry Golway brings alive how Roosevelt saved America from its worst fears and led the nation to victory in a cataclysmic world war and by doing so forever changed how Americans live and view themselves. Crafted from Roosevelt's own stirring words, this unique biography shows how he invented and established the practice of the media presidency with his famous fireside chats, the first presidential speeches broadcast nationally from the White House.

Hear FDR speak to the nation in 30 famous speeches on an exclusive audio CD

For twelve tumultuous presidential years, Roosevelt regularly spoke to the American people, this man of wealth and privilege giving voice to the downtrodden's American Dream. The first in a long line of media presidencies, Roosevelt's innate ability to connect with the people remains the standard by which even the best of them—Kennedy, Reagan, and Obama alike—are judged. Roosevelt's words would define a remarkable presidency that faced and overcame the country's worst economic crisis and a war to end all wars.

Together We Cannot Fail brings the president and his era to life like no other biography, combining the insight of noted historian Terry Golway with Roosevelt's own voice in audio excerpts from his most memorable speeches and chats.


Table of Contents

On the CD
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1882—1945

Part One: A New Deal, 1933—1936
Chapter 1: Fear Itself [Track 1]
Chapter 2: The Beginning of a Conversation [Track 2]
Chapter 3: "The Country Was Dying by Inches" [Track 3]
Chapter 4: "I Still Believe in Ideals" [Track 4]
Chapter 5: A Feeling of Security [Track 5]
Chapter 6: "A Rendezvous with Destiny" [Track 6]
Chapter 7: "I Welcome Their Hatred" [Track 7]

Part Two: Recovery, Recession, and War, 1937—1940
Chapter 8: A Third of the Nation [Track 8]
Chapter 9: Packing the Court [Track 9]
Chapter 10: Distant Drums [Track 10]
Chapter 11: A Roosevelt Recession [Track 11]
Chapter 12: Purging the Democratic Party [Track 12]
Chapter 13: War [Track 13]
Chapter 14: A Stab in the Back [Track 14]
Chapter 15: Breaking with Tradition [Track 15]
Chapter 16: The Arsenal of Democracy [Track 16]

Part Three: Freedom's Champion, 1941—1945
Chapter 17: The Four Freedoms [Track 17]
Chapter 18: Lend-Lease [Track 18]
Chapter 19: Closer to the Edge [Track 19]
Chapter 20: Day of Infamy [Track 20]
Chapter 21: Fear, Again [Track 21]
Chapter 22: The Folks Back Home [Track 22]
Chapter 23: The Sands of North Africa [Track 23]
Chapter 24: The G.I. Bill [Track 24]
Chapter 25: Managing the Alliance [Track 25]
Chapter 26: "An Unusually Bellicose Speech" [Track 26]
Chapter 27: A Prayer on D-Day [Track 27]
Chapter 28: Fala [Track 28]
Chapter 29: "We Cannot Live Alone" [Track 29].
Chapter 30: Final Words [Track 30]

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Excerpt from Chapter 1: Fear Itself

First Inaugural Address
March 4, 1933

Although he had been governor of New York for only three years, Franklin Roo


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Award-winning historian Golway (Let Every Nation Know) offers a well-researched scholarly work that is also a readable page-turner. As with his previous books, a CD of the subject’s speeches is incl...

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