More Love-U-Grams

ISBN: 9780977465101

By: Marianne Richmond

Published: 09/30/2006

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Use these thoughtful ways to connect with the kids in your life!

Awards - Did your son or daughter set the table without asking? Help a younger sibling get dressed? Or, would you simply like to acknowledge a child’s unique individuality? Our awards and certificates give kids an emotional boost and a tangible reminder of how much they’re loved.

Lunch Notes - Cute notes for you to tuck in a lunch bag, backpack - or to leave atop a pancake at breakfast! (We’ve included some cards with no words for the pre-reader set!)

Postcards - These postcards deliver love AND an activity! Kids can color a fun picture, solve a riddle, or complete a word find. Mail them from work or from the mailbox down the street.

Coupons - More ways to make the everyday special. Hand these out as a reward, a pick-me-up or just because you love them so!



Format: Paperback

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Weight: 9.00 oz
Page Count: 44 pages


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