The Days of our Lives

ISBN: 9781402242229

By: Ken Corday

Published: 05/01/2010

On a November day almost forty-five years ago, the first episode of Days of our Lives appeared on the NBC Network, NBC’s first color soap opera broadcast.

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On a November day almost forty-five years ago, the first episode of Days of our Lives appeared on the NBC Network, NBC’s first color soap opera broadcast. Eleven thousand episodes later, millions excitedly tune in every weekday to watch one of the 260 original one-hour episodes produced each year. What few know though is that the show started as the dream of one family, the Corday family, who still owns and runs the show to this day. These are the days of their lives. The Days of our Lives is the first insider account of the history behind one of our most beloved soap operas. It is about the family who believed in it, conceived it, and sometimes seemed to live it along with millions of viewers, as they struggled to emerge from nowhere to create and produce one of the most successful and enduring television shows in history. Ken Corday reveals the triumphs and tragedies behind the scenes over the years, a moving personal story of a family facing everything from death to mental illness, the ever-looming threat of cancellation, and the struggle to keep their dream alive. It is also the story of an extended family—actors, producers, and crew—who formed a bond of love that went beyond just creating a show to establishing a legacy. You will discover for the first time the true stories behind the show, a story of living a dream and raising a family while things all around you, even fate, seem to conspire against you—and succeeding against all odds.

About the Author

Ken Corday

Ken Corday is the Executive Producer of Days of our Lives, which was created by his parents in 1965. Ken received his Bachelor of Arts in Music from the University of California, Santa Cruz, before receiving a Master's Degree in Music from San Jose State University. He lives in Toluca Lake, California.


Table of Contents

Prologue                                       ix
Foreword                                       xv
1. Providence and the Past                       1
2. The New Pioneers                            7
3. Fat Cans and Superbombs                     13
4. Betty                                    17
5. My Back Pages                             21
6. The Move                                 37
7. How the West Was One                       49
8. The Beginning and the End                    59
9. He Speaks in Riddles, Metaphors, and Clichés      69
10. Coming of Age                             75
11. Brother Eagle, Sister Sky                      97
12. Gone to an Hour                           101
13. The Once and Future King                   107
14. Do or Die                                113
15. Not So Fast, You Lucky Dog!                  117
16. The Glory Years                           125
17. There She Goes                           137
18. The Hourglass Ladies                       147
19. There He Goes                            163
20. I Need a Hero                             169
21. The Gay Nineties                          179
22. “The Barbarians Are at the Leveraged Gate”      183
23. “Bang! You’re Alive”                        187
24. Behind the Scenes                          193
25. “Forty Years, Ten Thousand Episodes, and Growing”                             205
26. The Dirtiest Half Dozen                     209
27. Life after Forty                            223
28. Life Support                              231
Epilogue                                      241
Special Thanks                                 249
Biography of Ken Corday                         251


From the Prologue:

Still dressed in her nightgown, the old woman slowly climbed the stairs to the roof of her Manhattan apartment building. In a dream that was rapidly becoming a


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“Blending inside st...

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