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The Horses of Half Moon Ranch series features a ranch girl, Kirstie Scott, taking care of working horses and working on a horse farm in the Colorado Rockies.

Book about Horses

Girls love to read horse riding books. For readers who crave an authentic, adventurous horse book series about western trail riding and life on a dude ranch in the Colorado Rockies, Sourcebooks Jabberwocky is proud to offer The Horses of Half Moon Ranch.

These horse books feature ranch girl Kirstie Scott, who lives a rural ranch life with her family, working on a horse farm in the wild Colorado Rockies. This series focuses on working horses and wild horses rather than show ponies, and each book follows Kirstie as she encounters new and exciting adventures. 

Kirstie Scott lives, breathes, and sleeps horses.

She and her family run Half Moon Ranch in Colorado's Meltwater Range. Undaunted by the wild and dangerous terrain, Kirstie loves riding through the tall forests and deep canyons that surround the ranch. But most of all, she loves the horses; whether they are working horses, a rodeo horse, or even wild horses, they make sure life is never dull on Half Moon Ranch... 

The Horses of Half Moon Ranch series includes:

  • Wild Horses (coming in September)
  • Rodeo Rocky (coming in September)
  • Johnny Mohawk (coming in February 2009)
  • Crazy Horse (coming in February 2009)
  • Third-Time Lucky (coming in May 2009)
  • Midnight Lady (coming in May 2009)

A Popular Series of Horse Riding Books from the U.K. Comes to the United States

Jenny Oldfield, the author of The Horses of Half Moon Ranch series, has written over 50 children's books. She is a well-known writer, and her books have sold over a million copies in the UK.

She now brings her ever-popular series The Horses of Half Moon Ranch to the United States so American readers can follow Kirstie Scott's gripping adventures for the first time.

This collection, which is set in the Colorado Rockies, is bound to be a hit series about girls and horses. British readers rave about The Horses of Half Moon Ranch. Here's some of what they've been saying:

“I found this book really thrilling and couldn’t put it down.”

"This is the best book I have ever read. Jenny Oldfield’s whole series is amazing. ... This story is so well described I would recommend it to all horse lovers."

"A wonderful story. This is a good read for any horse lover. I enjoyed it a lot."

Wild Horses

Kirstie is talented at riding horses, and she often takes guests staying at Half Moon Ranch on western horseback riding excursions into the Colorado Rockies surrounding the horse ranch.

In Wild Horses, she leads a western trail riding group through Miner's Ridge when a sudden storm causes a landslide, trapping Kirstie alone in a canyon with a herd of wild horses. The herd's leader, a proud black stallion, has been hurt by the falling rocks, and it's up to Kirstie to save him. 

 Praise for Wild Horses

"A thrilling start to Horses of Half Moon Ranch. I would recommend anyone who is able to read it to do so."

"I thought that I would read this book because I have read other books by this author and I love horses. I couldn’t put this book down! An exciting and gripping read."

"This story is one that I enjoyed. I hope that the author will continue to display such talent in writing."

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Rodeo Rocky

In Rodeo Rocky, the guests at Half Moon Ranch drag Kirstie to see the rodeo in town. During the wild horse race, Kirstie is terrified that one of the horses may become injured, and her fear comes true when a rodeo horse, Rodeo Rocky, is wounded.

Determined to nurse the rodeo horse back to health and train him, too, Kirstie persuades her mom to buy Rodeo Rocky. But Kirstie learns that horse training can be extremely difficult, especially when you're working with a former rodeo horse.

 Praise for Rodeo Rocky

"This is the 2nd book in the Half Moon Ranch series and one of my favourites. The detail and story line is great. I would recommend [it] to any horse lover!"

"A wonderful story. This is a good read for any horse lover. I enjoyed it a lot."

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Johnny Mohawk

In Johnny Mohawk, a guest at Half Moon Ranch breaks his arm after falling off one of the ranch horses. He blames the horse, Johnny Mohawk, for bucking him off, and his father threatens to sue the dude ranch.

But Kirstie feels confident that the work horses on her family's horse ranch are kind and gentle. She knows the boy is lying, and she's determined to prove that Johnny Mohawk is innocent.

Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse and Cadillac are two of Kirstie's favorite ranch horses. These work horses are best friends, even though they're complete opposites: Crazy Horse is wild, while Cadillac is calm.

In Crazy Horse, both horses mysteriously disappear from the dude ranch in the middle of the night. Kirstie suspects that they were stolen, and she sets off to find the working horses and bring them back to the horse ranch safely.

Third-Time Lucky

Lucky is Kirstie's favorite work horse on the dude ranch. In Third-Time Lucky, the working horse becomes gravely ill and his life is in danger. No one, not even the vet, can figure out what's wrong with him, and Kirstie starts to panic.

She decides to take matters into her own hands, leading Lucky into the Colorado Rockies to find a famous but reclusive horse doctor before it's too late.

Midnight Lady

In Midnight Lady, Kirstie and her family meet Half Moon Ranch's new neighbors and their horses. Kirstie is especially drawn to the elegant mare Midnight Lady. She becomes outraged, though, when she discovers that the horses are being mistreated, and she comes up with a plan to save them.

Unfortunately, her plan backfires and eight of the horses escape into the Colorado Rockies. Now Kirstie must decide if she should admit her mistake... but she knows that if she does, she may never see Midnight Lady again.

Horse Books about Western Trail Riding and Working Horses

The books in The Horses of Half Moon Ranch series are authentic horse books about rural ranch life and working on a horse farm. Kirstie's mom runs and owns the dude ranch where they live, and Kirstie spends her time completing chores, horse training, leading western trail riding groups, and caring for the work horses on the horse ranch.

Kirstie is passionate about riding horses and taking care of the working horses on the dude ranch. She leads western riding tours for guests staying at the ranch, and she also goes western horseback riding by herself and with her best friend Lisa.

Girls love following these books' detailed descriptions of Kirstie working on a horse farm and going horseback riding into the forests and mountains near the ranch.

The Horses of Half Moon Ranch books are action-packed and exciting. It's tough work keeping up with the work horses on the ranch, and Kirstie's ranch horses lead her from one adventure to the next.

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Wild Horses

Rodeo Rocky

Horse Riding Books Featuring an Authentic Ranch Girl and Inspiring Heroine

Kirstie Scott is a tough, brave, and adventurous ranch girl who takes situations into her own hands and faces challenges head-on. No matter what danger she encounters with her working horses, she always works hard to find a way out.

Kirstie is a fearless, spunky heroine who shows girls how to overcome their problems by facing them head-on.

She is dedicated, and she works hard on her family's horse ranch. Her love of the Colorado Rockies' wild terrain inspires readers to spend time outdoors and appreciate nature, and her loyalty to her working horses teaches readers the importance of caring for animals.

Kirstie is a smart, inspiring heroine for young girls to read about, and she's a realistic character girls can relate to.

Moving from the City to the Colorado Rockies to Live a Rural Ranch Life

Kirstie lives with her mom and brother on Half Moon Ranch. The Scott family used to live in Denver, but after a family tragedy, they left the city and settled at Half Moon Ranch, which was originally a cattle ranch.

Despite the sadness and difficulty she encountered, Kirstie helped her mom turn Half Moon Ranch into a dude ranch for vacationing guests to stay and ride horses.

She enjoys living her rural ranch life and going western horseback riding with her working horses. She also loves horse training, and she's brave enough to train a rodeo horse on her horse ranch (in Rodeo Rocky) and help wild horses roaming the land around her family's dude ranch (in Wild Horses).

An excerpt from Wild Horses

Kirstie Scott felt the bounce in Lucky's stride. His head was up, ears flicking to left and right as she relaxed in the saddle and gave him plenty of rein.

"Let's head for Miners' Ridge," Charlie Miller called from the front. He reined his horse to the right and led the group of seven riders along a narrow trail between silver aspen trees.

Great! Kirstie smiled to herself and nudged Lucky on with her legs. Miners' Ridge, at the end of Meltwater Trail, was one of her favorite treks out from Half Moon Ranch. It would take them by the banks of rushing creeks and waterfalls, through spooky Dead Man's Canyon.

Good! Lucky echoed her mood by picking up his pace. He broke into an easy trot, splashing through a shallow stream to catch up with Charlie and tuck himself in behind Moose, the young wrangler's sturdy gray quarter horse.

Behind them, the other six riders took things more slowly. It was the last Saturday in May: their first day as paying guests at the Scotts' ranch. To them, the steep slopes leading through dark pine forests and beyond that to snow-peaked mountains were new and risky.

"You gotta trust your horses," Charlie assured them. "They know the trail. All you gotta do is stay in line."

Kirstie grinned over her shoulder at the nervous followers. They were visitors from cities and towns, mostly without much riding experience. Trust your horse; that was the key. With a creak of saddle leather, she turned back and gazed straight ahead.

Sure, it looked difficult. The trail rose sharply, zigzagging between boulders, overhung by branches. But it looked pretty too. The bright green aspen leaves shook and fluttered in the breeze, and a carpet of blue columbines grew around the roots. Summer! Kirstie sighed. After the long, cold Colorado winter of snow and ice, the leaves and flowers were just great.

Summer was here and school was out. "Good boy, Lucky!" she murmured as her beautiful palomino picked his way between boulders. His rich golden coat looked dappled in the fluttering shadows, his long, creamy mane hung smoothly down his neck.

No more school through June and July. And her mother had driven to Denver this very morning to pick up Kirstie's big brother, Matt, from college. The family would be together again. Long days to ride the trails. Blue skies and mountains rolling on forever...

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Wild Horses

Rodeo Rocky

Authentic Horse Riding Books with a Focus on Western Riding and Work Horses

These horse riding books emphasize ranch girl Kirstie's interactions with her work horses. Whether Kirstie is horse training, taking care of her working horses, leading western riding tours, or riding horses through the rough terrain on her own, readers love to follow her adventures in these horse riding books.

Each book about horses in The Horses of Half Moon Ranch series is packed with realistic, detailed descriptions of Kirstie riding horses and working on a horse farm with her ranch horses.

Pictures of Horses

Each of these horse books contains pictures of horses along with illustrations of Kirstie and her friends and family members, so readers can get a clear picture of what rural ranch life is like on the Scotts' dude ranch.

Girls love stumbling across these horse pictures as they're reading, and the pictures of horses in The Horses of Half Moon Ranch books reveal the excitement and adventures Kirstie encounters as she's riding horses through the wild Colorado Rockies and training her work horses.

Thrilling, Action-Packed Horse Books for Girls Who Love Western Riding

Set on a horse ranch in the Colorado Rockies, The Horses of Half Moon Ranch series is perfect for girls who love riding horses—especially western horseback riding. The authentic, detailed descriptions of ranch girl Kirstie's adventures while she's taming her working horses and working on a horse farm captivate readers.

Girls love reading about the adventures Kirstie experiences and the challenges she faces while western trail riding. Readers fall in love with each of Kirstie's working horses as she trains them, rides them through the forests and mountains of the Colorado Rockies, and nurses them back to health when they're sick.

There are many books about girls and horses, but readers love The Horses of Half Moon Ranch series because of its realistic descriptions of western horseback riding.

This series stands above all the other horse books for its authenticity, action, and excitement.

Purchase the first two books in The Horses of Half Moon Ranch series now, each for the low price of only $5.99!

Wild Horses

Rodeo Rocky

About the Author—Jenny Oldfield

Jenny Oldfield is the author of over 50 children’s books. She lives in Yorkshire and says that she loves the countryside and enjoys walking, gardening, playing tennis, riding, and traveling with her two daughters, Kate and Eve.


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