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Corporations and Bulk Sales

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Sourcebooks has a book for almost every lifestyle, covering almost any subject matter, including:


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From resources for small business to practical solutions for human resources and sales departments, Sourcebooks has the tools to take you to the next level.

By: Sam Chapman

July 2009

The No Gossip Zone is the first business guide to address the leading challenge to workplace productivity and employee retention: gossip

By: Bruce Piasecki
October 2009

In The Surprising Solution, leading environmental and business expert Bruce Piasecki shows that going green and solving global problems will be the new benchmark by which corporations will be judged.

By: Thomas Freese
October 2000
Unlock the secrets of Question Based
and see your sales soar.

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Heatlh & Wellness

From dieting to reference, from practical help to culinary remedies, Sourcebooks provides useful resources for a variety of health-related issues.

By: David K. McCulloch
September 2008

 Expert answers to more than 300 questions.

By: Harold Urschel M.D.
March 2009

Healing the Addicted Brain is a
breakthrough work that focuses on
treating addiction as a biological

By: Michael Aziz MD
January 2011

Unlock your body's 10 fat-fighting hormones to melt away the pounds and stay healthy for life.

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Food & Beverage

Eat, drink, and be merry! Sourcebooks offers some of the most creative and well-respected food and drink products available.

By: Ray Foley
July 2005

Top-selling martini book from
the authority on bartending.

By: John Schlimm
Price: $14.99   
Publication Date: May 2009

The Beer Lover's Cookbook is an unprecedented collection of more than 300 food and drink recipes containing beer as a main ingredient.

By: Camilla V Saulsbury
August 2009

Delicious desserts that start with prepackaged cake mix or cookie dough.

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Parenting & Pregnancy

From baby names to gift books, Sourcebooks delivers some of the bestselling titles available for new and expecting parents.

By: Lesley Bolton
May 2009

 The #1 Bestselling baby name book, with more names and richer definitions.

By: Harlan Cohen
May 2008

Dad?s Pregnant Too is a witty,
wise and considerate guide
for expectant fathers.

By: Dr. Susan Bartell
August 2009

 Create healthy, energetic kids with America's #1 family psychologist.

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College Education

The most trusted names in college preparation offer a host of important resources for college-bound stuents and their parents.

By: Harlan Cohen
March 2009

The #1 book on college life with over
125,000 copies sold, completely
updated and revised.

By: Dr. Gary R. Gruber
June 2009

A proven system that has raised actual SAT scores by more than 600 points.

By: Edward B Fiske
June 2009

This #1 bestselling college guides has been an indespensible source of information for college-bound students and parents.

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Pets & Bridal

By: Glenn Dromgoole
October 2004

The tricks dogs teach us are more important than any tricks we can ever teach them.

By: Nicole Hollander
September 2006

Hilarious cat cartoons from nationally syndicated cartoonist Nicole Hollander.

By: Robin Miller
May 2009

 Your Beautiful Wedding on Any Budget creates a plan tailored to your financial reality, not a specific dollar amount.

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By: Sharon Lathan
January 2010

 In this sensuous and romantic Pride and Prejudice sequel Darcy and Elizabeth fall more deeply in love as time goes on.

By: Jill Mansell
May 2010

Tilly Cole impulsively accepts a job offer in a small town as a ?Girl Friday.? But soon she finds herself in a hotbed of gossip, intrigue, and rampant rivalry for the town?s most desirable bachelor.

By: Michael Malone
April 2010

 A riveting novel of love, secrets, and the mysterious bonds of family.

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By: John Waller
August 2009

A gripping tale of one of history's most bizarre events.

By: Bruce Chadwick Ph.D.
November 2009

His bold tactics changed forever the way presidential campaigns are won.

By: Manal M. Omar
August 2010

An intimate look at the heartrending struggle for freedom and identity in Iraq.

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Sourcebooks has released the #1 bestselling wall calendars for the last two years.

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Children's Books and Poetry

By: Francesca Simon, Tony Ross
March 2009

Hilarious stories featuring a mischievous character and a host of his friends.

By: Jennifer Fosberry, Mike Litwin
September 2010

Just How Big Can a Little Girl Dream?

By: Elise Paschen, Rebekah Presson Mosby
September 2007

A multimedia fusion of the most famous poets' words with the poet's voice.

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