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Mr. Darcy's Diary

Mr. Darcy's Diary

By Amanda Grange

About the Author
Amanda Grange is a popular author of historical fiction in the U.K. She specializes in creative interpretations of classic novels and historic events, including Jane Austen's novels and the Titanic shipwreck. Her novels include Lord Deverill's Secret, Mr. Knightley's Diary and Titanic Affair. She lives in England.

Reading Group Guide

1. Darcy tells Georgiana that Wickham does not love her and Georgiana believes him without question. What does that say about Darcy and Georgiana’s relationship? Would you be willing to believe your sibling if they shared similar news?

2. Darcy’s diary entries paint a portrait of Bingley as sweet but scatterbrained. Does this match your idea of Bingley from Mr. Darcy’s Diary? Does it match your idea of Bingley from Austen’s Pride and Prejudice?

3. At the beginning of the story Darcy seems to feel some affection for or at least a connection with Caroline Bingley and she is obviously hoping to attract his regard. In what ways does Darcy’s behavior encourage Caroline’s designs? At what point does his attitude towards her become less encouraging?

4. How do Darcy’s plans for Bingley and Georgiana affect the way he deals with Bingley’s affection for Jane Bennett? If Georgiana were not a factor would Darcy have tried so hard to keep Jane and Bingley apart?

5. Many times throughout his diary, Darcy will refer to someone’s attitude as being “satirical” and he seems to think this is a good thing. What would we call a “satirical” person now? Do you consider this to be a good trait or a bad one?

6. On Monday, the 18th of November Darcy says that he “scarcely thought of her half a dozen times all day,” and claims he did not miss her at all. Do you believe Darcy? If you were to think of someone half a dozen times a day, would you feel that you did not miss them?

7. What role does Wickham play in Darcy and Elizabeth’s romance? Do you believe that they would have come together in the end if it hadn’t been for Wickham’s actions?

8. When listing off the problems with Jane Bennett’s family members, Elizabeth is the only person that he does not touch on. There are many instances when Darcy says things about Elizabeth that indicate a favorable opinion, though he does not seem to know it. When do you think Darcy first fell in love with Elizabeth?

9. Darcy is very thoughtful and tender with his sister, always looking for ways to please her with company or surprise her with gifts. Who else does he show this sort of thoughtfulness for? What does this say about Darcy that the other characters in the book would not know just by meeting him?

10. How does Elizabeth’s rejection of Darcy’s proposal change his views on some of his beliefs about his behavior? Talk about a time when you have done as Darcy did and taken harsh criticism, then made a productive or positive change from it.

11. While at a ball, Mrs. Pargeter, a mother with an eligible daughter approaches Darcy and speaks to him most frankly about a potential match, describing her daughter as having “clean lines. Excellent pedigree. Good breeding stock,” and proceeds to ask Darcy about his own breeding. Do you find her bluntness refreshing after all the dancing around other mother’s do, or do you find it vulgar? How is this woman like Mrs. Bennett in looking for a match for her daughter? How is she unlike her?

12. The reader gets an interesting insight into the relationship of Wickham and Lydia Bennett when Darcy goes to visit them. How does this interaction change your opinion of Wickham? Of Lydia? Of Darcy?

13. Darcy seems to be either very good or very bad at judging people. He does a bad job of judging Jane’s feelings for Bingley, what Elizabeth’s reaction will be to his initial proposal, and Anne de Bourgh’s feelings for him, but an excellent job of pegging Bingley’s behavior concerning the purchase of property and predicting how Wickham will act when offered money to marry Lydia. Is he better at judging men than women, or is he simply lacking in judgment when it comes to matters of the heart? What makes you think that?

14. Mrs. Bennett behaves very badly toward Mr. Darcy before he proposes to Elizabeth and is ridiculously polite to him after Elizabeth accepts. Talk about a time when you have been in a situation with a relative when their behavior was, at the time, embarrassing, but looking back is now amusing.

15. While Darcy and Elizabeth are entertaining guests at Pemberley Elizabeth faces down Lady Catherine. Have you ever had to prove yourself to someone who thought you were not capable or qualified? How did that situation play out?


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