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David P. Murphy, author of Zombies for Zombies David P. Murphy

Zombies for Zombies - The Play and Werk Book

About the Author

David P. Murphy is a living, breathing guy, spending an excessive amount of quality time thinking and writing about zombies. He obtained his Ph.Z. from the prestigious Port-Au-Prince Capon Academy, and currently can be seen shambling about the Bay Area where he closely guards his brains.

Zombies for Zombies - The Play and Werk Buk

The Best Games Ever for Your Brainz!
(for thinkin’, not eatin’)

Just when you thought brains couldn’t get any more appealing, Zombies for Zombies—The Play & Werk Buk gives you, a recently turned zombie, a treasure trove of new ways to maximize your QScale and minimize your capacity to groan.

This illustrated buk is packed with games, puzzles, stories, quizzes, and other fun ways to embrace and improve your new zombie life.

Where else can you find in one volume:

Solid advice from “Ask the Screaming Man”
“The Recent Adventures of Li’l Doofus and Diligent”
“Jamble”—that pain-in-the-ass scrambled word game
Thinky thingz that could make yer hed herty
Two pages of paper dolls. (’Nuff said!)
Werd surches and crozzwerdz gamez
The continuing antics of “The Dead Bear Family”
A coloring placemat/menu from Cap’n Ash’s Seafood
A special message from President Dutch Bingo
By werking this buk, you’ll never end up being part of THE HORDE.


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Zombies for Zombies

So, you've been bitten by a zombie?


But there's no need to panic! Yes, your life will be undergoing a major transformation, but this doesn't have to be the end-all it once was when the Disaster first hit. There have been significant breakthroughs in the last decade in helping you keep significant parts of your wit and dignity.Together we can limit the damage. 


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