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What We Believe

We once posed a challenging question to our co-workers. “Tell us what you believe,” we said, “What’s your purpose? What’s your cause? Why do we do what we do?” What we got back was inspiration from all corners of the company about the power of reading, the impact of authorship, and an affirmation that as much as the world changes around us, at least one thing remains constant – books change lives.


“We believe in life changing moments. A moment that will inspire, change, and create opportunities that could alter someone’s life forever.” –Nick

“Impact. I truly believe that I have an impact on shaping children’s thoughts and imaginations through the books that Sourcebooks provides for them.” - Rebecca

“To give people experiences they didn’t know they wanted to happen…and watch them share it with others.” - Danielle

“To bring the joy of reading to everyone, anywhere, anytime.” - Marie

“Because everything we do is purposefully created to make the world a better place.” - Paul

“I believe in sharing great books with people who otherwise couldn’t read them, or wouldn’t even know about them. I believe in being able to see yourself in a book and knowing that without you, it wouldn’t be quite the same.” - Gina

“To give parents and children and friends moments to remember in their lives forever.” - Kelly

“I get to help bring to life the words I love in a company that inspires the love of words in others.” - Sarah

“Because I believe in the transformative power of stories. Because I know that books can not only change but even save lives.” - Lara

“I believe in the independent spirit, in feeling as though my contributions matter, knowing that nothing is business as usual and that there is no such thing as a ‘rut.’” -Leah

“Because people with ideas need support in reaching those who need solutions. Because visions need loudspeakers.” - Deb

“To innovate. To bridge the gap between the print world and the digital world.” - Adrian

“Books are the most important tools of our culture. They enable us to become the best people we can be and create a better world for everyone. They enrich us in a way that nothing else and no other experience can.” - Sean

“To progress the fundamental human passion for stories and information across cultures & technology.” - Nick

“Because the first time I walked in the door I felt the energy.” - Sharon

“Every book as a soul, if you will. There is a reason and a purpose for it to exist and all of the energy and lifesource of each of us is in it.” - Heidi

“Books are magical, imaginative and inspiring. I want people to feel that!” - Jessica

“We have a vision still while others only get by. We are optimistic about our future. Everyone wants to be a part of that!” - Susan

“To give people the experience they are searching for.”- Liz


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