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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

We are SO pleased to share that Ed Vere's MAX THE BRAVE and Jen Calonita's FLUNKED have both made it to 2016 ILA-CBC Children’s Choices List!

Congratulations to all, we couldn't be more excited to celebrate these wonderful books!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

We have another great Booklist review to share, this time for Paige Tyler’s To Love a Wolf:

“As Tyler’s series progresses, she once again explores new territory—in this installment in particular, the issue of PTSD comes to the foreground—as her strengths shine on: compelling subplots, well-balanced action and romance, rewarding female friendships, steamy sex scenes, and irresistible love. This continues to be a great series for paranormal-romance fans.” - Booklist

This is the first trade review we have received for this title and it was included in Booklist’s May 1st issue.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

So pleased to share another blurb for THE DARKNESS KNOWS by Cheryl Honigford (August 2016)!

You’ll thoroughly enjoy this delightful debut mystery that takes you into the highly competitive world of radio in the 1930s, where people will literally kill for a good part! Cheryl Honigford recreates this time period with a delicious attention to detail and populates it with characters you will love… or love to hate!

—Victoria Thompson, bestselling author of Murder in Morningside Heights


This comes in addition to:

“A bright debut.”

–Kirkus Reviews

“An accomplished debut. Honigford takes us on an absorbing ride through the world of 1930s Chicago radio, introducing us to a plucky new heroine and an entire cast of outlandish radio stars.”

—Anna Lee Huber, national bestselling author of the Lady Darby mysteries

“An engaging murder mystery set in prewar Chicago.  Radio stars, Dust Bowl refugees, and the shadow of Hitler on the horizon bring the era to life.  I very much enjoyed Cheryl Honigford's debut novel.  I think you will, too!”

—Nancy Atherton, New York Times bestselling author of the Aunt Dimity mysteries

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The July 2016 issue of RT Book Reviews features reviews for 6 Casablanca, 2 Fire, and 1 Landmark titles, including a TOP PICK! for Terry Spear’s Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing. Reviews are below:


If the Earl Only Knew by Amanda Forester | 4 Stars | ISBN: 9781492605492

Review: Once again, Forester earns top marks for her spunky heroines and their men who need to be taught a thing or two (usually at the expense of their pride, and by said spunky heroines). Forester’s gift for humor and creating memorable characters who have survived wrenching tragedy sparkle like gems in this newest romp through the ton’s drawing rooms.

Summary: Though no fault of her own, Lady Katherine Ashton has quite the past, all of which she will take to her grave, unless, of course, life conspires against her and throws her into the arms—and family—of the Earl of Wynbrook. Years before, a shared tragedy bound their families together, and now, just when she’s freed herself and her twin from their heartbreaking history, a new threat appears. The earl has never had such a grand adventure since Lady Kate’s return, and she has unceremoniously ruined him for any other woman. Now all he has to do is convince her that they should wed. First, though, there is his sister’s wedding, the small matter of the ruffians who keep abducting Kate and her twin, and discovering where his always-mysterious solicitor has gone.



A Gift for Guile by Alissa Johnson | 4 Stars | ISBN: 9781492620532

Review: Johnson draws readers into an intriguing mystery romance as disparate characters join forces to combat the demons of their pasts. The quick pace, sexual tension, touch of poignancy and the well-drawn backdrop seamlessly merge, allowing her characters and their conflict to take center stage.

Summary: Sir Samuel Brass, once Scotland Yard’s most famous operative and private detective, has long been plagued by the cunning thief Esther Walker-Bales. After leaving London, Esther returns on a quest to right many wrongs, and Samuel is drawn back into her world. Esther is determined to amend her past mistakes, no matter what, and though she feels Samuel can be domineering and interfering, she has to accept his help when she finds herself in trouble. It is only Samuel who makes Esther feel a longing for a different life. Their working together forces them to make compromises, and their mutual attraction blazes into a passionate affair. Though each wishes to remain independent, they are stronger together, and build a bond of love and trust that cannot be broken.




You and Me, Always by Jill Mansell | 4 Stars | ISBN: 9781492638858

Review: There is a lightness and energy to Mansell’s writing that makes her work a consistent pleasure and a perfect escape. Her characters are charming; their struggles, emotions and relationships feel wonderfully genuine, and there is an implicit promise that, no matter what, all those characters who deserve happiness win it in spades. This particular story is a beautiful mix of heartbreak, humor, and redemption that is sure to delight fans and engage a wealth of new readers.

Summary: Lily’s 25th birthday begins with her opening the last letter from her beloved mother, who passed away when she was 8, and learning the name of her mother’s one true love, a man whom Lily becomes determined to meet. Later that day, she discovers that Eddie Tessler, a worldwide—and disgraced—film star, is hiding out at her best friend’s house. Lily can’t deny that she and Eddie share a surprising chemistry, but her childhood friend, Dan, seems increasingly unreceptive to her new relationship. The scene is set for a year that Lily—and her friends—will never forget.




Twisted by Hannah Jayne | 4 Stars | ISBN: 9781492631798

Review: Jayne’s chilling suspense novel will keep readers up all night as they try to decipher what information and characters they can trust. Snippets from the past appear throughout the narrative, giving readers glimpses of Bex’s childhood without detracting from present-day events. This is one of those books that readers will race to finish in one day.

Summary: Beth Ann Reimer is starting over. She has a new identity—Bex Andrews—new foster parents and a new hometown in Kill Devil Hills, where no one will know her as “the serial killer’s daughter.” Bex’s real father was accused of being The Wife Collector, a murderer who preyed on beautiful young women, but disappeared before he could be tried. Just when Bex thinks she’s finally free from living under the shadow of her father’s crimes, a young girl is murdered in Kill Devil Hills. Has Bex’s father found her? Now the police want her help, but Bex begins to question if her father really is guilty, or if he was framed.



Defending Taylor by Miranda Kenneally | 4 Stars | ISBN: 9781492630081

Review: I can’t quite put my finger on what is so enthralling about Kenneally’s newest novel, but it totally sucked me in. I loved that Kenneally didn’t go with an easy, traditional happy-go-lucky ending. I also enjoyed the flawed nature of the characters, which made them feel more relatable. This is a great summer read and my favorite novel by Kenneally so far!

Summary: Taylor’s always pushed herself to excel: in school, on the soccer field and in every other part of her life. For better or worse, that’s what’s expected of a senator’s daughter. When one well-intentioned bad decision derails her future, Taylor finds herself directionless for the first time. Stuck between two terrible outcomes, she tried to make the best choice, but she never imaged the severity of the consequences. Now her family is furious at her for destroying their image right before her father is up for re-election. The only person who seems to understand what she’s going through is her older brother’s best friend—the guy she’s nursed a crush on for years. Unfortunately, he’s also the guy who blew her off on her 16th birthday. Afraid she’ll never get into her dream college or be forgiven by her family, Taylor is desperate to find a way forward. But what do you do when your best isn’t good enough?



Devil and the Deep by Julie Ann Walker | 4 Stars | ISBN: 9781492608936

Review: The second installment of the Deep Six series drops readers on a tropical island where both treasure and danger lurk. Fans of Walker’s action-packed adventures and expert alpha men are sure to be satisfied, as former SEAL Bran Pallidino hunts down a group of ruthless kidnappers to rescue a woman he refuses to admit he’s fallen for. New to the series? You’ll be happy to know you can dive right in, even if you haven’t read book one. From the Caribbean setting to the fast-paced suspense, this book is a certified beach read!

Summary: For the last few months, Bran Pallidino’s days have been spent exploring the sea for sunken treasure and exchanging flirtatious emails with socialite Maddy Powers. However, when Maddy shows up to the island where Bran and his crew are settled, Bran shuts down, refusing to take their relationship beyond cyberspace. But when Maddy is kidnapped, Bran must revert back to SEAL-mode to rescue her while also coming to grips with his feelings.




Always My Girl by Samantha Chase | 4 Stars | ISBN: 9781492616283

Review: The Shaughnessys’ return is welcome, as always. The latest brother to fall is Quinn, and he brings good questions with him: Can you fall in love with your best childhood friend, and when did she grow up to look that smokin’ hot? The beauty of this family is the honesty that they dole out to each other. This is another winner in a series that is true to life.

Summary: Since they met at the age of 6, Quinn and Anna have been best buds. Their bond has survived all of the speed bumps of growing up. But Anna’s been keeping a secret: She is madly in love with Quinn. He is, of course, oblivious. He pursued his love for speed by becoming a racecar driver. Now that his career is over, he’s opened up a local repair shop. He’s also dating the hottest women he can find. Anna is finally ready to move on and find love. At the festivities for his brother’s wedding, Quinn finally notices that Anna isn’t a little girl any more.




Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing by Terry Spear | 4 ½ Stars, TOP PICK! | ISBN: 9781492621898

Review: A billionaire who’s bewitched by a she-wolf senses danger up ahead, and he’s afraid that he’d be losing more than just his heart. This newest werewolf series is packed with adventure, humor, passion, a touch of flirtation and danger. It’s no wonder Spear continues to surprise her fans with the sexy alpha Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing—it’s magnificently entertaining.

Summary: Sometimes opposites attract, but other times, it brings chaos and deception. Jade Ashton is a strong she-wolf and a loving mother who would do anything to protect her cub. So when she was blackmailed by her ruthless brother, Jade had no choice but to go up against powerful billionaire Rafe Danali. As a shifter and a member of the most prominent wolf family, Rafe knows his life is pretty close to perfect. But upon meeting the beautiful and mysterious Jade, he senses there is more mystery that beauty to his lady wolf. And as Rafe slowly unravels the suspicion and threats surrounding Jade, he will also discover a secret that could change their lives—and possibly the world—forever.




Rose Bride by Elizabeth Moss | 3 Stars | ISBN: 9781492613886

Review: Moss tells a tale of a young woman whose actions have scandalized her in a period where this is definitely frowned upon. While the writing is strong, the story tends to drag on in a few spots. Readers may find this distracting. The characters in the story are well defined and likable, and the passion between them burns off the page. A great steamy read!

Summary: Margerie Croft is an impure woman. She lost her virginity before her wedding night. Deciding that she is not going to marry a man whom she is not in love with, she flees King Henry VIII’s court. She will not spend her life being passed around, as this would be her only other option if she decided to stay. Having heard the rumors about Margerie, Virgil Elton notices something about her. Asking for her help, he soon realizes that she is as smart as she is beautiful. Now it is up to him to convince her that she is more than what others think of her.


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

We're thrilled to share the first blurb for A DEADLY AFFECTION by Cuyler Overholt (September 2016):

Rich with historical detail, Overholt brings turn-of-the-century New York to vibrant and gritty life. Readers will become immersed in the plight of her psychiatrist heroine and eagerly follow her through the twists and turns of the human mind.” 

– Anna Lee Huber, national bestselling author of the Lady Darby Mysteries



Wednesday, May 25, 2016

We're so pleased to share that School Library Journal has reviewed Twisted by Hannah Jayne (ISBN 9781492631798; July) for their June 2016 print issue:

“A fast-paced, exciting thriller full of twists and turns that will keep teens guessing until the very end.”


Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Sourcebooks is pleased to announce that Stephanie Bearce’s Top Secret Files: World War II has won the 2016 Crystal Kite Member Choice Award in the Mid-South regional division!

The Crystal Kite Awards are given by the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators to recognize great books from the seventy SCBWI regions around the world. The Mid-South region includes Kansas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, and Mississippi.

The Crystal Kite Awards are chosen by other children’s book writers and illustrators, making them the only peer-given awards in publishing for young readers. SCBWI is one of the largest writers’ and illustrators’ organizations, with over 22,000 members worldwide.

Congrats to all!


Wednesday, May 25, 2016


BookPage YAY! YA monthly newsletter features WILD SWANS by Jessica Spotswood in its “Best Teen Reads” roundup. The full review is also available online

“Rich in atmosphere, Wild Swans is also a touching look at a family struggling with a big question: Can you break free of your past and still honor its traditions?”


Wednesday, May 25, 2016


We're thrilled to share our first blurb for Cyn Balog’s UNNATURAL DEEDS (Fire/November 2016):

Unnatural Deeds is a compelling, dark confessional with pages that  keep you guessing and an ending that will blow you sideways.” Natalie D. Richards, author of Six Months Later and One Was Lost


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

We're so excited to share that MAGRUDER’S CURIOSITY CABINET by H.P. Wood is one of the top ten titles featured in POPSUGAR’s (1.8M+ UMV) roundup of “31 Books You MUST Put in Your Beach Bag This Summer!” 

“Be transported into another place and time in this magical debut novel.”

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Put Me In The Story has officially announced Sourcebooks' exciting new partnership with National Geographic Kids!

The press release announcing the partnership, books, and contest was sent out on the wire yesterday morning. A total of 213 publications picked up the release including Yahoo! FinanceBloombergDigital Book WorldAdWeek/Galley Cat, and it was included in Publisher’s Weekly Children’s Bookshelf newsletter.


The full press release is below:


National Geographic Kids and Put Me In The Story™ Ignite Children’s Curiosity in New Personalized Books

Win a Trip to the San Diego Zoo in the Little Explorer Drawing Contest

Naperville, IL, May 16, 2016Put Me In The Story™, the #1 personalized books site in the United States, is partnering with National Geographic Kids to create two personalized educational books for kids—National Geographic Little Kids Book of Dinosaurs and National Geographic Little Kids Book of Animals, available now on PutMeInTheStory.com.

“Put Me In The Story is an ideal partnership, offering a new and creative way for kids to interact with our content,” said Erica Green, vice president and editorial director at National Geographic Kids Books.

In National Geographic Little Kids Book of Dinosaurs and National Geographic Little Kids Book of Animals, children will learn about their favorite animals and dinosaurs and be asked direct questions to help them connect, relate to, and learn about each creature.

“We are delighted to begin this partnership with National Geographic Kids,” said Dominique Raccah, CEO and publisher of Sourcebooks, Inc., which created Put Me In The Story. “Their dedication to the education of children is something we treasure. Together, we have created books that will ignite children’s curiosity and fascination with animals, nature, and the world through reading.”

Each book can be personalized with a child’s name on the cover and throughout the book, photos, and a dedication message. Plus, at the end, kids can fill out a personalized activities section about their favorite animals or dinosaurs.

Put Me In The Story and National Geographic Kids are celebrating the launch of the new books with the Little Explorer Drawing Contest. Parents can visit the contest page to enter and download a free coloring page. They can also generate extra contest entries by sharing their child’s coloring pages using the hashtag #ColorAndExplore or by uploading the drawing directly on the contest page.

The Grand Prize winner will receive a four-day, three-night trip for a family of four to San Diego to visit the San Diego Zoo and celebrate the zoo’s 100-year anniversary, as well as copies of the National Geographic Kids personalized books. Two runners-up will receive personalized books and one-year subscriptions to National Geographic and National Geographic Kids magazines. Contest begins May 16 and ends June 17.


About National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids inspires young adventurers to explore the world through award-winning magazines, books, apps, games, toys, videos, events, and a website and is the only kids brand with a world-class scientific organization at its core. National Geographic Kids magazine (10 issues per year) and National Geographic Little Kids magazine (6 issues per year) are photo-driven publications available on newsstands or by subscription in print and on tablets. National Geographic Kids Books is the leading nonfiction publisher for kids with more than 100 titles each year, including the New York Times bestseller Kids Almanac.

About Put Me In The Story

Put Me In The Story, the #1 personalized books site in the United States, creates personalized versions of bestselling books where your kids star alongside their favorite characters. Our gifts capture moments that matter and create memories that last. With each touching picture and special dedication, our readers have become our most dynamic characters.

Put Me In The Story inspires a love for reading, across all ages and generations, through the experience of shared, personalized stories.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


We're so excited to share the audio clip of Katarina Bivald’s interview on Minnesota Public Radio’s (NPR & PRI) syndicated program Morning Edition discussing The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend.  The interview also includes a brief reading from the book!




Wednesday, May 25, 2016


A Front Page Affair by Radha Vatsal, the first in the Kitty Weeks mystery series that debuted two weeks ago, received its fifth stellar trade review, this time from Shelf Awareness for Readers:

“Rich with period detail and cameos from a few historical figures, A Front Page Affair is an appealing beginning to Kitty Weeks and her world…the novel's strength lies in its exploration of complicated wartime politics, and the difference between neutrality and innocence.”

The complete review was featured in the Shelf Awareness e-newsletter that goes out to thousands of readers, is below, along with other trade reviews, media and events.

Vatsal’s launch event at Mysterious Bookshop in New York was standing-room only, and they sold through all of the books on hand. Nearly 1,000 copies have sold into the library market through Baker & Taylor, and Barnes & Noble is seeing steady sales as well.

Cheers to a great start for our mystery imprint!


Other critical buzz for A Front Page Affair:

“This lively and well-researched debut introduces a charming historical series and an appealing fish-out-of-water sleuth who seeks independence and a career in an age when most women are bent on getting married, particularly to titled Englishmen. Devotees of Rhys Bowen’s mysteries will enjoy making the acquaintance of Miss Weeks.” – STARRED Library Journal review; March Debut of the Month

“[A] spirited debut…Vatsal deftly intertwines the tumult of the era, from emerging women’s rights to spreading international conflict, into this rich historical.” – Publishers Weekly

“This first in a planned series is a nice combination of mystery and thriller seasoned by historical facts and a look at women's lives before woman's liberation.” – Kirkus

“The fascinating historical details add flair to this thoroughly engaging mystery starring an intelligent amateur sleuth reminiscent of Rhys Bowen’s Molly Murphy. Vatsal’s debut will leave readers eager for Kitty’s next adventure.” - Booklist


See Below for the A Front Page Affair Events Calendar List:

  •          CUNY-TV (4/29) - Asian American and Southeast Asian Mystery Authors segment
  •          The Strand author blog post (4/7)-Top Ten Agatha Christie novels
  •          Mystery Readers Journal (cir. 2K)-essay on crime fiction set in NYC-June issue
  •          The Big Thrill magazine (May issue)
  •          The Thrill Begins debut author spotlight interview (4/19)
  •          Mystery Writers of America NY Chapter Mug Shot Member Profile (June)
  •          Portland Book Review Writers on Writing guest post (5/3)
  •          Reading and Writing podcast (5/4)
  •          History of Literature podcast (TBD)
  •          Blog tour with International Mystery Writers – will be featured on 10-20 author websites and social media
  •          Sisters in Crime library panel (4/13)
  •          Mystery Writers of America reading at KGB Bar (4/23)
  •          Turn of the Corkscrew (5/4)
  •          The Mysterious Bookshop (5/12)
  •          Queens Library (6/11)
  •          Queens Lit Fest (7/16)
  •          Thrillerfest (July)-NYC
  •          Mechanicsburg Mystery Bookshop panel (8/13)
  •          Selected for May Book Box
  •          The Poisoned Pen – selected for May History Paperback Club Pick


    Wednesday, May 25, 2016

    Sourcebooks is happy to share the great review that Publishers Weekly has given Jill Mansell’s You and Me, Always (ISBN 9781492638858; July 2016):

    The charming village of Stanton Langley in England’s Cotswolds serves as both character and setting in Mansell’s (The One You Really Want) latest multigenerational romance. Lily’s dying mother wrote her letters, each one to be opened on her birthday. Now that Lily’s turning 25, she reaches the final letter. She learns the name of her mother’s real love and writes to him with hopes of a meeting. Lily’s biological father was never in the picture, and the recently widowed Coral, who runs the architectural salvage where Lily works, raised Lily after her mother died. Pilot Dan, Lily’s childhood friend and confidant, secretly loves her, and for years Lily has concealed her feelings for him as well. Their witty dialogue sizzles, and the plot weaves naturally among characters, who are all strongly developed with solid backstories. An actor hiding from the paparazzi in a neighbor’s house and the antics of Coral’s Internet dating complete this captivating read. Agent: Jennifer Unter, Unter Agency. (July)

    The review is available online here. This comes following a review in Kirkus.

    Wednesday, May 25, 2016

    Kirkus Reviews calls THE DARKNESS KNOWS by Chery Honigford “…[a] bright debut” in their June 1 issue!


    Wednesday, May 25, 2016

    The verdict is in—everyone loves Zoraida Cordova's Labyrinth Lost! We're delighted to share some new blurbs that have just come in:

    "Córdova's world will leave you breathless, and her magic will ignite an envy so green you'll wish you were born a bruja. Delightfully dark and enchanting. An un-putdownable book." -- Dhonielle Clayton, author of The Belles and Shiny Broken Pieces

    Labryinth Lost is a thrilling, imaginative journey through a bittersweet bruja wonderland. I can't wait for the next Brooklyn Brujas adventure.” —Jessica Spotswood, author of Wild Swans and The Cahill Witch Chronicles.

    "An inspired tale of family, magic, and one powerful girl's quest to save them both, set against the colorful world of modern day Brooklyn and the fantastical realm of Los Lagos.  These are brujas I want to join!" - Gretchen McNeil, author of Ten and the Don't Get Mad series

    What other people are saying about LABYRINTH LOST:

    “Labyrinth Lost is more like reading Paradise Found. Zoraida Córdova brings us a new generation of witches, enchanting and complex. And every page is filled with magic.” —Danielle Paige, New York Times bestselling author of Dorothy Must Die

    "Zoraida Córdova's prose enchants from start to finish. Labyrinth Lost is pure magic." —Melissa Grey, author of The Girl at Midnight

    "A brilliant brown-girl-in-Brooklyn update on Alice in Wonderland and Dante's Inferno. Very creepy, very magical, very necessary." —Daniel Jóse Older, New York Times bestselling author of Shadowshaper

    Labyrinth Lost is a magical story of love, family, and finding yourself. Enchanting from start to finish.” —Amy Tintera, author of Ruined.

    Magical and empoweringLabyrinth Lost is an incredible heroine's journey filled with mythos come to life; but at its heart, honors the importance of love and family.” —Cindy Pon, author of Serpentine and Silver Phoenix

    Wednesday, May 25, 2016

    We're thrilled to share the excellent review that Kirkus has given Kari Lynn Dell’s Reckless in Texas (ISBN 9781492631941; August 2016):

    “When rodeo contractor Violet Jacobs hires a relatively obscure bullfighter for a short contract and gets superstar Joe Cassidy instead, she's blindsided by the blazing attraction that flares between them but intimidated by all the differences she's convinced will keep them apart. Violet wants nothing more than to heighten her family's profile as rodeo contractors, but keeping track of current commitments, her young son, a messy love life, and other family complications makes it hard to do. When she hires a bullfighter—the person in the ring who protects the riders—to close out their Texas season, she's surprised when superstar Joe Cassidy, the best in the field, shows up instead. Joe is super connected in the industry but has recently been publicly and unfairly fired by Dick Browning, an influential contractor with a reputation for being impossible to work with. Joe has come to Texas to work in a much smaller pond than he's used to, mostly to get away from the toxic Browning. When the Jacobs family enfolds him like a son and he and Violet dance around the possibility of an affair, he wonders if the time has come to let go of his old dream of working as a partner on Browning's ranch and perhaps stake a claim with Violet and her family. But relationships are problematic territory for both Violet and Joe, and trying to get on the same wavelength leaves them both hurt and confused and in very different parts of the country. In order to find happiness, they'll have to figure out how to rescue each other from their shared path of mistakes and miscommunication. Dell's writing is notable, and her rodeo setting is fascinating, with characters that leap off the page and an intriguing series of actions, conflicts, and back story elements that keep the plot moving even though Violet and Joe's missed connections occasionally seem strained. A sexy, engaging romance set in the captivating world of rodeo.”

    This is the first trade review for Reckless in Texas. It will appear in the June 1 issue of Kirkus Reviews as well as online. 

    Wednesday, May 25, 2016


    We are so excited to share the amazing media coverage for Jessica Spotswood's Wild Swans!

    VOYA Magazine has reviewed Wild Swans by Jessica Spotswood for their June 2016 issue:

    Wild Swans is a fast-paced read filled with abandonment, friendship, and romance. Spotswood’s writing is easy to read. The diverse cast of characters allows readers to be able to relate to many personalities and social issues. Readers who enjoy the works of Sarah Dessen will enjoy Wild Swans.”

    This comes on the heels of a great author interview that appeared in The Washington Post (UMV 39M):  


    Shelf Awareness also gave the book a glowing review:

    “Jessica Spotswood's (A Tyranny of Petticoats; the Cahill Witch Chronicles) complex, emotionally charged and engaging novel folds in family expectations, changing friendships, adolescent identity crises and a steamy budding romance--a perfect recipe for young adult fiction.”  Full review below signature. 

    And a fantastic review appeared in School Library Journal’s Teen Librarian Toolbox:

    “WILD SWANS absolutely snapped me out of my [reading} slump. Big time…This well-written book full of strong characters and complicated relationship will fly off the shelves. It will appeal to readers who like family drama, romances, great friendships, and stories about the pressures of being a teenager. Totally on my top books of the year list.”



    Wednesday, May 25, 2016


    We are so happy to share some praise we’ve received for Tala Raassi’s incredible memoir, FASHION IS FREEDOM! Quotes include a fashion designer, a teacher at Parson’s, and an actress (from Glee!)

    “I was so moved with Tala's undying determination! I love that she fought back against oppression by moving from Iran to the U.S., launching her fashion line, creating super sexy styles for all, and embracing the 'BIKINI' as a symbol of freedom!”

    -Monica Wise, L*Space Founder, Designer, and Creative Director


    A truly inspiring story of perseverance and passion.  Tala's honest account of the real trials and frustrations facing any fashion entrepreneur, proves that hard work and an optimistic spirit pave the way to success”

     -Mary Gehlhar, author of The Fashion Designer Survival Guide and lecturer at The New School at Parson School of Design


    “When Tala Raassi received an unthinkable childhood punishment—40 lashes for wearing a miniskirt—she didn't hide in shame. She did the opposite, launching a fashion line to celebrate women's bodies. Her story is extraordinary.

    -Abigail Pesta, award-winning journalist and Vice President of the Overseas Press Club


    Tala is a beautiful example of empowerment and strength. Fashion is Freedom shows us not only an incredible woman on the rise but additionally, a woman who did not allow the difficult hardships she faced on her journey to deter her from chasing her dreams and creating change in the world. I am inspired by her bravery and fearless nature."

    -Jenna Ushkowitz,   Actress, Producer and Author of Choosing Glee


    In addition to:

    “Though her story is unique, all women can be inspired by her bravery and her perseverance. Fashion is Freedom is a great testament to the power of hard work, regardless of where you come from.

    -Joanna Coles, Editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan

    Wednesday, May 25, 2016


    The May issue of BookPage features a glowing review of BONJOUR KALE by Kristen Beddard!

    “This is a sweet story…. Bonjour Kale reminds us not only to eat our greens but also to follow our dreams."

    This comes in addition to Publishers Weekly's glowing review:

    “With colorful descriptions of travel and the conversational tone of a best friend, Beddard’s story is full and satisfying.”



    Wednesday, May 25, 2016

    Sourcebooks is happy to share the positive review that Publishers Weekly has given Rose Bride by Elizabeth Moss (ISNB 9781492613886; July 2016):

    “The themes of duty and honor are the surprising backbone to Vergil and Margerie’s slow-burn love story, with plenty of scandal and temptation to press the resolve of both… The erotic scenes are scorching hot, as series readers will have come to expect.”

    You can read the full review online here. This is the first trade review for this title.



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