Sourcebooks has announced that the company has acquired a children’s picture book by Oscar-and-Emmy-winning actress Jessica Lange.

The new book, IT IS ABOUT A LITTLE BIRD, is based on a book the renowned actress created for her grandchildren.  It’s the charming, delightful story about two sisters, Ilse and Adah, and their grandmother, Mem, who lives on a quaint, rambling small farm.  During the visit to the farm, the sisters sneak into the ramshackle barn they’re normally forbidden to play in, and stumble on all kinds of strange and fascinating treasures, including an antique birdcage. The discovery prompts Mem to reminisce, and to tell her granddaughters about time she spent in Paris and Rome as a young woman, where she adopted a pet canary named Uccellino—Italian for “little bird”—that she brought back with her to the United States.

At once moving and joyful, IT IS ABOUT A LITTLE BIRD is an intergenerational, international tale that captures that amazing moment in childhood when a child realizes that there’s a world that exists beyond themselves.  It highlights the revelation that grandparents had lives before they had grandchildren—and that there is a family history and stories that now belong to the grandchildren,too.

The picture books will feature photographs taken and hand-colored by Jessica Lange, who studied photography at the University of Minnesota.  Much like the character of Mem in the story, Jessica herself also owns a small farm in the Hudson Valley and is the grandmother of two granddaughters. IT IS ABOUT A LITTLE BIRD is scheduled for release in the fall of 2013.


0 # Amie 2012-11-08 18:01
I can't wait to read this. I *love* Jessica Lange.


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