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Sourcebooks NEXT.


Yesterday's BISG Annual Meeting (#BISG11) was awesome! There was so much to learn and share, great data, and new systems and processes. Can't remember the last time I was so excited about metadata and rights management. We're making real progress in areas that will make a difference for the industry. Thanks to everyone who participated and shared!

A couple of people mentioned that in my Year in Review introduction, I'd said something that gave them goosebumps and asked me to put that in print. Not sure that you can replicate the experience but I can certainly tell you what I said. It's what I believe.

We are an industry in transformation. This is the most important thing that has happened in any of our professional careers. This is the transformation of the object and idea that we love and value, the book, with all the inherent risks and possibilities.

It's now. It's us. It's not going to be our kids or our grandchildren.

We're developing the systems, processes, models and relationships that will be the track of the future. And so the work we're doing today is the most important work any of us who love books have ever done. "It’s us” is all of us – every lover of literature, of the culture of books and authors and readers.  Every parent, teacher, editor, publishing professional, agent, librarian, bookseller, reviewer, blogger, in short, everyone who cares about the future of books.

Sometimes in the day-to-day rush it helps to remember...

It's now and it's us.

You can find the slides for the presentations here:



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