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Sourcebooks NEXT.

As we announced last week, we've set up our first Digital Show and Tell in New York City (and it's FREE), scheduled for January 20, 2011 | 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM | Sotheby's Institute of Art, NYC


We have room for for 16 presenters. If you want to present, PLEASE REGISTER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (see link below). Let us know you want to present, and 1 or sentences about what you'll be presenting. I think Sourcebooks is going to demo a new app that we've been working on for about a year. I'm excited to see what people think.

For those of you tweeting: The hashtag for the NYC Digital Show and Tell 2011 is: #digiST. I'm hoping we'll have a great tweet stream. Please feel free to post links to this event, forward this email and/or to tweet it and let people know.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND or YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SHOW & TELL, please let us know by registering at this BISG page:


This event is being co-sponsored by the Book Industry Study Group (BISG) and BISG's Executive Director Scott Lubeck and Deputy Executive Director Angela Bole, will be joining us. We're having a Board Meeting that day so we might see others from the Board as well. The event is at:

Sotheby's Institute of Art
Cambridge Information Group
570 Lexington Avenue, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10022

And yes, this event is FREE! It's being put on by our LinkedIn Ebooks, Ebook Readers, Digital Books and Digital Content group (http://linkd.in/dGMuAe) and BISG.

Really looking forward to seeing your work!


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