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100 Books v2 Facebook

Put Me In The Story, Sourcebooks’ personalized book website, has just reached a HUGE milestone with 100 books available on our site! 

We’d like to take this moment to say a huge “Thank You!” to everyone who has made our 100 Put Me In The Story books possible… our authors, licensors, editors, and especially, our READERS! Without you, none of these 100 books (and counting!) would have been possible. We are forever grateful!

To help celebrate this achievement, we decided to run a fun sweepstakes on our Put Me In The Story Facebook Page. We got a lot of entries, but what we really got was a sense of the impact that our books are having in people’s lives, how they are truly touching people.

Here are our top 10 favorite comments we’ve received so far:

#1 – For the Kids & Kids at Heart

PMITS100 1


#2 – Keep them coming!

PMITS100 2


#3 – Creating life-long readers.

PMITS100 3


#4 – A book starring your child!

PMITS100 4


#5 – #BooksChangeLives

PMITS100 5


#6 – Now you’re just making us blush!

PMITS100 6


#7 – Creating book addicts, one personalized book at a time.

PMITS100 7


#8 – Special gifts for your little one.

PMITS100 8a

PMITS100 8b

PMITS100 8c


#9 – Showing us off

PMITS100 9


#10 – We’re suckers for cute photos of kids 

PMITS100 10


Okay, so that was a little more than 10… but there were so many awesome comments! Here’s to the next 100!


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