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Agile Publishing Model.

On the closing day of the 2012 Tools of Change Conference (TOC, #toccon), Brett Sandusky (Macmillan New Ventures) led and moderated an exciting discussion on Real World Agile Publishing along with his panel members Dominique Raccah (Sourcebooks) and Joe Wikert (O’Reilly Media, Inc.).

The conversation focused on the real world implementation of Agile Publishing within the panelists’ respective companies. Both panelists discussed how their companies are using agile techniques like minimum viable products, rapid updates, serialized publishing, and variable pricing for some of their newest publications, and also shared some of the key things they’ve learned so far from their experiences with the Agile Publishing Model.

2012 TOC Summary

Porter Anderson has published his summary of the 2012 TOC conference, in which he provides additional insight into the panel discussion and gives his own thoughts on a number of the key points that were discussed. His closing comments offer what we thought to be a strong recap of the session’s overall direction and importance to the publishing industry.

“This was a conversation about an intriguing way of working that may have a lot of application to the current interest in shorter form work, the rise of ‘singles,’ and in the search for meaningful, supportive collaboration in a publishing space that looks pretty rigid too frequently. It was a smart and thoughtful entry in a conference of many insights.”

If you haven’t already, we would encourage you to take a minute or two and read his full recap.

Finally, as both Joe and Dominique noted as their discussion was closing we would love to hear your thoughts and input as well.

Slide Presentations

You can view Dominique’s slide presentation from the panel below, and a copy of Joe Wikert’s Agile Publishing presentation is also available online, courtesy of the TOC website.

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