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Agile Publishing Model.

Futurist David Houle

Welcome to the future!  The future of humanity and the future of publishing.

I am very excited about my new book Entering the Shift Age and the new model of publishing Sourcebooks has created, the Agile Publishing Model (APM). The APM is an innovative platform that allows authors to make their content available faster and in a more flexible format. For example, to suit your needs and interests as readers, Sourcebooks offers a variety of ways to purchase the content of Entering the Shift Age, either in individual parts (“mini eBooks”) or as a whole. (Check out “How to Purchase: The Agile Way”.) You can learn more about the APM by watching the video below.

This is part of the future of publishing. Now let’s turn toward our own future, the future of humanity.

We now live in the Shift Age, a time of transformation that will be regarded by future historians as one of the most significant periods in human history. The Shift Age is one of those inflection points or times when much of humanity will change how we live, how we think, how we interact with each other and what we do.



The second generation of augmented reality will kick in when other technologies get invented that can approximate the physical reality relative to the senses. When these technologies are blended into the then sophisticated augment reality technology of that future day, well, the imagination runs wild. It will be the stage of actually “jacking in” to an altered reality.

As with several of these transformative technologies, second generation augmented reality will further alter the way we think about reality, relationships, sex, travel, work and religion. This of course means that there will be a lot of resistance to it as it will confront “established” and therefore legacy thinking, some of it centuries old.

This will be a partial merging of the physical and screen realities that will have been transforming at significantly different rates. This means that the technological possibilities will be ahead of the place based thinking of the physical space to which it is introduced. We will be in a physical place but will be taken to such a fully, multi-sensorial space that while our biological processes will be in one place, our neurological and sensory processes will be of another space.

It is hard to imagine as the potential and possibilities transcend how any individual perceives them. Want to spend time on a wonderful beach for an hour every day? You can. Want to have intimate relations with the sexual partner of your dreams? You can? Want to listen to Einstein talk and be able to ask him questions? You can. The developed level of this technology will be such that all of these examples just mentioned will be recalled by the self and the brain as actually having been experienced. This is a true merging of real and not real, of real and the highest level of augmentation. From a social point of view this has both the highest level of fun and danger inherent in it. Some will use this technology to simply “check out”. Others will use it to truly deepen their life experience. This is no different that the technology called a book. Some people read them to escape. Others read them to deepen their knowledge.


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