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Agile Publishing Model.

Futurist David Houle

Welcome to the future!  The future of humanity and the future of publishing.

I am very excited about my new book Entering the Shift Age and the new model of publishing Sourcebooks has created, the Agile Publishing Model (APM). The APM is an innovative platform that allows authors to make their content available faster and in a more flexible format. For example, to suit your needs and interests as readers, Sourcebooks offers a variety of ways to purchase the content of Entering the Shift Age, either in individual parts (“mini eBooks”) or as a whole. (Check out “How to Purchase: The Agile Way”.) You can learn more about the APM by watching the video below.

This is part of the future of publishing. Now let’s turn toward our own future, the future of humanity.

We now live in the Shift Age, a time of transformation that will be regarded by future historians as one of the most significant periods in human history. The Shift Age is one of those inflection points or times when much of humanity will change how we live, how we think, how we interact with each other and what we do.

Download Entering the Shift AgeClick here to download the complete .pdf of Part Four of Entering the Shift Age.


The technological future of the Shift Age could easily be an entire book. In fact there could be entire books on many of the individual technological transformations, inventions and iterations briefly discussed in this chapter. But I am a futurist, not a technologist, so this chapter will address, at a high and simple level, the areas and types of technology that will come into being during this age and, equally importantly, how these technologies might alter the lives of many of us if not all of us.

In this chapter, I have grouped these technologies into two segments.

  • The first are the technologies that are now coming into marketplace acceptance and are therefore in early stage influence.
  • The second are those technologies that could be and will be invented and come to market in the next 10–20 years. These two groups are respectively called Emerging Transformative Technologies and Transformative

Technologies of the Future.

It is clear to me by questions I have frequently been asked after talks and speeches that many people equate the future with technology, that those two things are one and the same or at least very close to it. This of course is due to the fact that to most people, the future becomes apparent through the new technological devices and services that come into their lives. Cell phones, laptops, tablets, app phones, etc. tumble into our lives. We both become dependent on them and establish intimate relationships with them. So that is what most people experience as the future as it is these new devices that immediately change our behavior and provide a glimpse into the newness ahead. We learn to use GPS and map apps for driving, news apps to bring us the latest news, restaurant and movie apps to get reviews and buy tickets or make reservations, and all of this from wherever we may be. The tech gadgets that connect us are the “bright, shiny objects’ of the Shift Age.


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