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Agile Publishing Model.

Futurist David Houle

Welcome to the future!  The future of humanity and the future of publishing.

I am very excited about my new book Entering the Shift Age and the new model of publishing Sourcebooks has created, the Agile Publishing Model (APM). The APM is an innovative platform that allows authors to make their content available faster and in a more flexible format. For example, to suit your needs and interests as readers, Sourcebooks offers a variety of ways to purchase the content of Entering the Shift Age, either in individual parts (“mini eBooks”) or as a whole. (Check out “How to Purchase: The Agile Way”.) You can learn more about the APM by watching the video below.

This is part of the future of publishing. Now let’s turn toward our own future, the future of humanity.

We now live in the Shift Age, a time of transformation that will be regarded by future historians as one of the most significant periods in human history. The Shift Age is one of those inflection points or times when much of humanity will change how we live, how we think, how we interact with each other and what we do.

We will develop an ever more collective sense of each other as we live together as crew on Spaceship Earth. Our interconnectedness will be seen and felt as an increasing and developing reality both on a physical, mental, and technological level.

Now we lift off and largely leave a lot of the above technology behind. Mind to mind communication. Unified consciousness. Direct, without technological intermediaries. We will take our ability to sense someone's emotional state today and combine it with this newly developed level of brain to brain interface. We will simply “know” what another person is thinking and certainly feeling.

Many of us have experienced that sensation of being connected to a loved one on a vibrational level when you can sense their emotional state from afar. Take that and multiply it by the thought vibrations of numerous others in close proximity and then expand out from there. Like Jedi knights that can feel the energy of the “force”.

This collective consciousness will, for most of us, be something we will be able to access during conscious mindful practice, similar to meditation. Others, the vanguards and the more sensitive or attuned of us, will have unparalleled insight to massive amounts of thought. So much so that they will have to develop “blocks” to avoid neurological overload.

This unified field of consciousness will be one of incredible intensity, of incredible joy and beauty. A sense of union not yet experienced, on a wide scale, in human history. In a full experienced form or state, it will transform humanity. It will also inevitably be accelerative, as it takes the age old tensions between good and evil, positive and negative to a higher, more intimate and more influential level than ever before. That said, one of the underlying aspects of this evolutionary next step in human consciousness is that those that seek union, those that seek a higher consciousness will most likely arrive at it first.

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