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Dominique Raccah




“Our only job as publishers is to find new approaches to content and new ways for authors to reach readers.”

—Dominique Raccah

Presentations and Talks

Dominique has been invited to and accepted invitations to speak all over the world. Here are some of her most recent speaking engagements:

•    Digital Book World (March 2016) - Transformation In Action: Sourcebooks

•    Digital Book World (March 2016) - Women at the Intersection of Publishing, Finance, and Tech panel

•    Digital Book World, Launch Kids (March 2016) - Through The Looking Glass: The Past, Present and Future of Children's Publishing

•    Havana Book Fair (Febraury 2016) - The Development of Digital

•    Romantic Times (May 2015) – Career Tracks for Authors: A Vision for YOUR Future

•    Evangelical Christian Publishers Association Conference (May 2015) – Increasing Profitability Through Innovation

•    Popular Romance Project at The Library of Congress (February 2015) – The Digital Transformation of the Book: The Impact of Romance Readers

•    Digital Book World (January 2015) – Rethinking Direct: Publishers Building and Scaling Direct-to-Consumer Businesses

•    Launch Kids (January 2015) – Personalization and the Story

•    NINC (October 2014) – Yours, Theirs, and Ours panel and The Future of Publishing panel

•    Buenos Aires International Book Fair (April 2014) – Creativity and Innovation in the World of Publishing

•    BookNet Canada (March 2014) – Publishing With An Audience: An Experiment from Sourcebooks and Wattpad

•    Women’s Media Group (January 2014) – Thriving as a CEO in a Rapidly Changing Industry

•    Digital Book World (January 2014) – Rethinking Failure: Finding The Opportunities In Our Challenges

•    Tools of Change Keynote Speaker (Mar 2013) – The Changing World of Children’s Books

•    Tools of Change (Mar 2013) – Digital Strategy Panel

•    Digital Book World (Jan 2013) – Driving Innovation in Publishing

•    Publishers Launch Conference (Jan 2013) – PutMeInTheStory.com

•    FutureBook London (Dec 2012) – The Promise of Digital Books

•    ECPA (Nov 2012) – CEO Symposium

•    Frankfurt Book Fair (Oct 2012) – Publishers Launch New Business Initiatives with Rebecca Smart

•    BISG Annual Meeting (Sept 2012) – Defining and Organization: A Strategic Conversation with BISG’s Executive Leadership

•    Chicago Writer’s Conference (Sept 2012) – Publishing in Chicago with Curt Matthews and Doug Seibold

•    Denver Publishing Institute (Aug 2012) – Commencement Speech

•    NPR (July 2012) – The Rise of E-Books with Alan Cheuse, Bill Petrocelli and Jeremy Greenfield

•    BEA (June 2012)

•    WBBM CEO Profile Event (May 2012) – CEO Roundtable for CEO IntroNet

•    Tools of Change for Publishing, Chicago (Apr 2012) – Lean Publishing: The Agile Approach with Joe Wikert

•    Tools of Change (TOC) Bologna (Mar 2012) – The Changing World of Children’s Books

•    Tools of Change (TOC) New York (Feb 2012) – Real World Agile Publishing

•    Digital Book World (Jan 2012) - A CEOs View of the Future Redux: Lessons Learned, Future Forecasts with David Nussbaum, John Ingram, John Donatich & Ellen Archer

•    Futurebook (Dec 2011)

•    PubWest Conference (Nov 2011) – Putting the e in ebooks: your next publishing company

•    PubWest Conference (Nov 2011) – Closing Perspectives: Beyond the Predictable Future with Kevin Smokler]

•    Publisher’s Lunch Club (Oct 2011) – The Book in Transformation

•    Book Industry Study Group (Sept 2011) – 2010-2011 Year in Review

•    MMS Advisory Network (Aug 2011) – Sourcebooks College Bound Success

•    Congresso Internacional de Livro Digital (July 2011) – The Book in Transformation

•    SFU Publishing Workshop (July 2011) – New Business Models in Book Publishing with Richard Nash

•    SFU Summer Book Publishing Immersion (July 2011) – Running Two Companies: A Book Publisher in Digital Transition

•    Minnesota Book Publishers Roundtable (July 2011) – Digital Strategies in the New World of Book Publishing

•    International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) (May 2011) – Are Enhanced eBooks a Fad, a Niche, or the Future? Is it print vs. digital or print+digital? With Evan Schnittman and Richard Nash

•    AAP & BISG Present BookStats (May 2011) – New Data on the Size and Shape of the Book Industry

•    Futurebook 2011

•    Tools of Change for Publishing (Feb 2011) – “Building the Future from Within: A Practical Approach to the Day-by-Day Process of Reinventing Your Book Publishing Company”

•    Digital Book World (Jan 2011) – eBook Experimentation, the Agility of Small Book Publishers, the New Definition of Publishing and Learning Through Failure


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